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What will you be playing at midnight on Halloween?

Set the mood with the Dread the role playing game and some spooky music.

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A Recent Review of Dread

A great review of Dread from Kristina Answers on YouTube. It's only 2 minutes long.

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Dread is Coming to TableTop with Wil Wheaton

We were very excited to see this announcement on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. We can't wait!

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Shipping Changes

This has been a long time coming, but The Impossible Dream is going to start charging more for shipping. US postal prices for international shipping went up dramatically on Jan 1, 2013, and I chose to ignore it, continuing to charge the old rates for the most part. They went up a bit again on Jan 1, 2014. So for nearly 2 years, we’ve just been eating the difference between what we’re charging you, and what we’re paying.

With the new website, we’re switching over to a smarter ecommerce plugin, so the good news is I can program in international shipping and give accurate numbers for multiple copies, so I won’t have to do all of these manually any more. I’ll still have to handle it manually for any country I don’t yet know the shipping for, but that should  be many fewer.

This may be the right business move, but I feel badly for our international customers, so this is your warning: more-accurate shipping prices will go into affect on Jan 1, 2015.

Oh, the actual prices:

LocationOld Shipping ChargeNew Shipping ChargeActual Cost
Most of Europe, Australia, Mexico, some others$10$12$14+

Our Web Site Has a New Look

Hello gamers.

The Impossible Dream has moved our Web site and blog over to WordPress. We wanted a platform that was a little easier to work with and maintain. Our goal is to provide more frequent updates about:

  • New role playing games we’re developing
  • Events and conventions where you can play games with us
  • Kickstarters (we’re gearing up to launch a Kickstarter for our popular  Four Colors Al Fresco game)
  • Playtesting
  • Cool stuff in the gaming industry that we want to share with you

We envision this as a conversation with you, our fans. We hope you’ll follow us on our blog and share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments. You can also follow our doings on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (check out the links at the top right of the home page).


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