The Impossible Dream is the publisher of various RPGs, including Dread, winner of the 2006 ENnies Most Innovative award.

If you're here because of the Four Colors al Fresco Kickstarter pre-announcement, head on over to our Contact Us page to sign up for our announcement list, and we'll let you know shortly before it goes live. You could also go to Four Colors al Fresco's page and download the beta rules, and there are links to our Facebook & Google+ pages on the Links page.

In the near future, there should be a playtest kit for Four Colors al Fresco going up, and the long-lost D20 version of Ogalepihcra will be available here shortly.

If you're looking for Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 material, Windmill Game Co. [see our links page] has taken over development, and the book has finally seen print! (Well, PDF release, but you can also order a POD hardcopy.)






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