Redefining 'niche' market

Who We Are

The Impossible Dream is a group of experienced roleplayers, and partakers in sundry other games, who have brought their varied talents and conflicting personalities together to create and run new games, with a focus on the original and—failing that—the bizarre. At conventions, we are supported by woodelf and crew. If you happen upon them, see if you can sit in on a game. You'd be surprised how many we can squeeze in.


Why We're Doing This

Well, part of it is, admittedly, how many roleplayers haven't wanted their own RPG company at some point or another? But it's more than that. We believe that we have some fresh ideas to add to the RPG collective, and want to go about it in a more-formal way than just putting some things on a webpage. We also specifically didn't want a company, in the formal economic sense of the term -- we're aiming more for something like an artists' commune (well, except that we all have day jobs). So, while we'd love to make some money doing this, it's not very high on the priority list, while political and philosophical motives like furthering the open games movement and stretching the bounds of what constitutes an RPG are.

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