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We don't send out a lot of email--historically only a couple messages per year, or less. I expect a few more as publication of Four Colors al Fresco approaches, but I promise not to fill up your mailbox. So, whether you want to be reminded when the Kickstarter goes live, or just want to know what The Impossible Dream is up to, signing up here is a great way to do it!


Specific Contacts:

  • General questions, business questions, or anybody who wants to get a hold of "The Impossible Dream" should probably email woodelf. If you're not sure who is best to email, that's the person.
  • Dread: Eppy -- This is really only for questions about the game, i.e. rules questions and the like. For questions about orders & shipping, or anything else business related, email woodelf
  • Four Colors al Fresco: woodelf
  • Ogalepichra: woodelf
  • Tech Noir: Dan






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