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Advanced Dimensional Green-Ninja Educational Super-Elementary Fortress 555: Download a PDF of the complete relationship flowchart, which summarizes this information, for viewing on screen or printing.


  • Check out the Dread Quick Reference, in either letter or tabloid formats!
  • See what the book itself is like with our 24 page excerpt!
  • Scenarios and character sheets from the book, formatted for easy printing! (don't read them if you're going to be a player)
    • Beneath a Metal Sky: Your salvage crew came upon a derelict ship floating in space, docked, and began exploring. Now, your ship is gone, and you need to find a way out.
    • Beneath a Full Moon: Your spring break adventure went sour last night when something mauled your guide and stole your food. Can you make it back to civilization?
    • Beneath the Mask: It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at your friend's cabin, and some psycho in a hockey mask attacked. Now two people are dead, and your host is a gibbering wreck. Can you make it through to morning?
    • 13: Not from the book, our Halloween '05 special! The sleepover was to be the greatest moment of your childhood, until the whimpering woke you up. Is this even the right house?

Four Colors al Fresco:


Ogalepichra: The con flyer detailing the society of the Rumel. New! The corresponding flyer giving an overview of the Anaugi.

Tech Noir: Version 2.5 of the Tech Noir rules. Watch this space for the eventual release of version 3.0!

d20: Our formatted version of the revised SRD, complete with the "missing" character generation and advancement rules, is finally here! It is broken into 5 "books": rules, character creation and advancement, spells and psionic powers, monsters and traps, and treasure and magic items. They are extensively bookmarked for onscreen use (note the pseudo-indexing of the monsters), and have a detailed table of contents and chapter tabbing for printed use. Enjoy! I'm also working on an Acrobat index, for expedited searching. Haven't figured out yet how i have to package it to send it to others' machines.

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