A mid20 game of a dark future

Tech Noir originally started out as a conversion of Cyberpunk 2020 to the D20 system. As time progressed, I realized that 1) I think I've got a pretty good idea here and 2) D&D 3e wasn't what I was going for. So, it's become OGL (not D20 licensed), and many significant changes have been made to the core system since I started work on it.

The last "finished" version I have done is Version 2.5. Features of this version:

  • mid20 core die mechanic
  • 5 core classes
  • reworked stat/HP system
  • grim 'n' gritty combat and firearms rules (thanks Ken Hood)
  • reworked karma/XP system

Currently, I'm rewriting it mostly from scratch again. I'm not sure I'll ever be happy with it, but here's what I have in store for version 3.0:

  • classless character creation and progression
  • Traveller D20 style lifepath character creation
  • actually finished cyberware system
  • actually finished netrunning system
    • I never got around to finishing these before the last Great Rewrite

Looking for a different game?

This game has nothing to do with the quite excellent recently-published RPG of the same name, which you can read about over here. Other than genre, loosely, there is really nothing in common between the two. And I apologize, but our Tech Noir was abandoned before v3 ever got to a readable state, many years ago*, so v2.5 is almost certainly the last version.

* To give you an idea of how many years ago, I believe v3 was the first version to post-date other cyberpunk-genre D20 System books.

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