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The 167 page digest-sized book contains rules for creating characters, maintaining pacing and suspense, as well as suggestions for maintaining various types of horror atmospheres (from mystery horror to supernatural) and 3 pre-written scenarios complete with character questionnaires.

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Dread, 167pp, softbound: $24 + $4 S+H (U.S. & Canada)

(if you want to have it shipped internationally, don't hit the button below; contact us directly to arrange payment — Global Priority Mail is about $14 to most EU countries)

We encourage you to support your FLGS when possible, but wherever you live, you can buy online from Indie Press Revolution, purveyors of fine RPGs.

New! PDF Edition!

Now available from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, the Dread rulebook in PDF form. It has been completely redone for letter-size output (and with margins that should work acceptably, if not ideally, on A4), and is extensively bookmarked. Go, buy!

Dread front cover

Dread back cover

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