Digital map for Beneath a Metal Sky

Are you planning to run “Beneath a Metal Sky”? Do you have a way to have a computer at or near the game table?

Warning: spoilers for “Beneath a Metal Sky” ahead!

No, really—here there be spoilers! (Highlight the gap in the message below if you’re sure you want to see them.)

Last week I got this message (slightly edited for the change of medium and to remove some personal info) from Tristan Weber, an artist and software engineer and Dreadfan:

For hosting the “Beneath a Metal Sky” story I created a small companion application. This shows the map of the story’s environment, the ISS Auerbach. It allows players to have a look at the ship’s three levels and see the location of each module.

The fun part is that it always shows a different label for the ships hidden research area. This way the players may pick up on this inconsistency on their own, or maybe they need a little guidance by pulling a block.

You can have a look at a few screenshots here:

Let me know if you like it or if you have any questions.

Feel free to redistribute it, as long as you do so for free and give credit to me.

Best regards, Tristan Weber

After discussing with Tristan, we decided the best way to share this is to host it on our servers, so here it is as a RAR file with all 3 versions bundled together. I played around with it a little bit, and it’s very cool! It probably works best if you don’t let the players poke it constantly—they might figure it out too quickly—but only when their characters get access to a terminal or other relevant data source. Or maybe let them pull a block or two to play with it indiscriminately.

I hope some people get a chance to use this. Thanks, Tristan!

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  1. steaky360 Reply

    Maybe I’m just being dumb but there doesn’t appear to be a link to the rar file (or anything in the large gap above!!)

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