Ogalepihcra Notes Posted

I finally dug out my notes for playing Rumel with Fudge and D20 System, converted to PDF, and posted to the Ogalepihcra page.

The Fudge rules are in pretty good shape, built upon 5-Point Fudge. They assume a lot of bits from that, and only talk about what is different/added. I also posted a set of example characters from a convention scenario I ran.

The D20 System rules are in much rougher shape. For example, several of the classes are just sketches at this point, because I’ve never created any characters that used them. Some of the Open Game Content is merely referenced, rather than included. And there isn’t a proper OGL attached at this point. There is also a group of example characters from a convention scenario I ran, and stats for a tree wolf.

So, why even post them? Because there is a significant, core element that is done and complete, and which could be easily lifted for any other D20 System game, or to be used as the basis of a new game: social combat rules. These draw heavily on Dynasties & Demagogues, but also borrow some ideas from Aria and The Dying Earth. These rules provide a social conflict system of roughly the complexity and nuance of the physical combat rules in D&D3E. For the Rumel, they replace physical combat, which is instead handled by a few basic skill checks and some feats. But you could use them in addition to detailed physical (or magical, or…) conflict rules.

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